Stay At Home Mom Careers: How To Work From Home

The reality of stay at home mom careers is a growing phenomenon.  Careers for stay at home moms have actually become possible thanks, in part, to the Internet.  The Internet provides many opportunities for a carrer online for moms or anyone wishing to work from home on the computer.  This is especially useful for mothers with young children who are not yet in school.  As entrepreneurs go, stay at home moms are ideal candidates for achieving successful home based businesses.  We’re competent, creative, resourceful, and pros at “multi-tasking”.

If you have a strong desire to find (or create) work from home, rest assured.  It is possible for you to join the ever-growing number of working moms from home.

Some types of online careers from home:

Consider what you’re good at in general.

~ You could write and sell ebooks if you have a lot of experience or knowledge about something — baking, organizing, cake decorating, woodworking, etc.

~ Writers and proofreaders for websites are highly-sought freelancing jobs.

~ If you’re a talented crafter, you could start a website selling your handiwork.

~ Would your friends say you’re “opinionated”? — Start an online blog.  This particular online business has been found to be one of the best stay at home mom careers.

~ If it seems you don’t have much to share with the world, then you can always become an affiliate marketer.  Affiliates promote what others have already produced and make money based on referral sales.

First and foremost, go with your passions. Consider what things interest and motivate you the most — otherwise it can be hard to stay energized.  You’re only limited by your imagination.

Other types of work for moms at home:

Local businesses —
–Make calls from home for a moving company to confirm times that the movers are coming
–Sewing at home for a local doll company
–Being a greeter at real estate open houses

Or for neighbors —
–Waiting in other people’s homes for their repair persons or deliveries
–House-sitting for those on extended vacations
–Running errands for the elderly or home-bound

These types of jobs can only be found by asking — friends, local business organizations (like your local Chamber of Commerce), local businesses themselves, and people in your own neighborhood.

Finding or creating stay at home careers for moms is challenging, but what isn’t?!

Critical Points to Ponder:

•The best at home careers are the ones that fit your unique personality.

•You will feel overwhelmed at first.  Don’t let that stop you.

•Taking one action usually leads to another.

•Your business won’t succeed if you don’t work at it.

•Work time is work time.

•Expect and accept interruptions during work time. (That’s why you’re home!)

•Working in the evenings or the wee hours of the morning is better than not working at all.

•On days you don’t feel like working, work anyway.

•Don’t go to bed without accomplishing at least one business task.

•Moms who “replaced their outside income in one month” are the exception, not the norm.

•Be patient. Persistence creates the victor.

•Your children are counting on you.

•Being a stay at home mom IS your most important job.Thanks to the Internet, stay at home mom careers are becoming more and more attainable.  I hope you’re determined to join this growing group of dedicated women working from home.

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